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Independent seniors - Aging consultants

Hi, I am Donna Smith, Owner

My career has always involved the aging population, holding positions in-home care, adult day programs, retirement, assisted living, and memory care communities! 


Aging is our passion, and those over fifty-five are my fervor!

We enjoy the stories, about life lessons and the joys of living. We enjoy learning about personal struggles and the success that blooms from those struggles. We enjoy helping my clients navigate options and overcome the challenges of change.  We enjoy sharing my knowledge and educating industry professionals and We enjoy collaborating with everyone to develop the best viable option for all involved.  

I fear a life that is not progressive, where my colleagues and I are destined to sit around listening to "oldies music" and playing bingo, where the aging population will continue to be perceived as the "frail elderly", giving way to the stigma of "dependency".


Let's work together!


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